290 Open

Together with our customers, friends, and followers, we managed to create our best boat yet. Watch all five movies from the process for a deeper insight.

The boat for perfect day trips


When Brandskär Boats developed their first award-winning Brandskär model, the result was groundbreaking in both design and handling. Thirty years have passed, and the shipyard's new generation of boats continues their clear course of developing boats for owners who consciously choose the best in terms of seafaring qualities and attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance, and this applies to the latest addition to the model lineup. Let us introduce the next generation family boat, the all-new Brandskär 290 Open.

The new 290 Open is tailored for unforgettable day experiences at sea. Inspiration has been drawn from the original Brandskär 28 and represents product development at its finest. The backward-slanting windshield, generous spaces on the foredeck, shorter roof, and an openness that permeates the entire deck layout are the result of close dialogue with our customers. Additionally, there are two spacious berths, a toilet, and a shower, completing the circle and making the 290 Open the perfect boat for memorable day trips.

As a bonus, you get a boat that, with its fantastic hull, well-designed helm, and clever covers, can handle the toughest weather conditions the roaring North Sea can offer, extending the boating season far longer than most.

In the new 290 Open, you'll find the latest technology where all information and functions are gathered and accessible via the central screen at the helm. An app allows you to manage alarms, lighting, and a variety of other functions from your smartphone or tablet before departure. It's as simple and smooth as it should be, allowing full focus on enjoying the sea. All Brandskär boats embody our fundamental philosophy of perfection, performance, and the belief that the sea is there to be experienced 365 days a year.


Just like the sea, the best way to experience Brandskär is in person. Contact us for a private test drive and visit to the shipyard on Vindön.