Brandskärs history

If you can't find what you're looking for, you have to create it yourself. In 1989, Janne Johansson made exactly that decision, and the rest is, indeed, history.


Jan Johansson was reasonably comfortable in school, but high grades were absent from his record, except in physical education and woodworking. That's why he chose wood technology in high school, a decision Jan has never regretted.

I had completed the first few years of high school and enjoyed it immensely. In the final year, we could choose between theory and practical training. If I chose theory, I could become a woodworking teacher. Well, that wasn't really my thing. So, I opted for practical training and quickly got a job at Vindö Varvet. That was when my career as a boat builder began. I learned a lot and truly felt that I had found my calling. The year was 1978, and I was 20 years old," said Jan.

Afterward, there was a stint at Nimbus, and then I moved on to Oskarshamns Varv. In Oskarshamn, Jan, along with colleagues, built truly luxurious boats, some as long as 100 meters. Several customers were wealthy Americans, and nothing but the best was good enough for them.

"I'll never forget when we were supposed to deliver an incredibly exclusive fishing boat with a tower and all. The customer arrived with 10 bodyguards in tow, all dressed in black suits and sunglasses. It felt like something out of a movie," Jan continues, chuckling heartily.


In 1985, it was time for Jan to start his own business with his then-partner Kent Göran Mattson. They began by subcontracting to build Contrast sailboats, primarily for the foreign market. The boats were 33, 36, and 40 feet long. Things were going quite well, but in the fall of 1989, a severe economic downturn hit, and the market deflated.


Suddenly, Jan and Kent Göran were left without any projects. What to do? Their initial thought was to buy semi-finished boat hulls, like the ones used for Targa boats, and complete the construction. They tried this approach, but they weren't satisfied with the boat's seafaring qualities. They wanted to deliver real quality. Instead, they decided to start building something entirely new. The working name was Brandskär, named after the location where the two partners used to go lobster fishing. It was a place known for its rough seas.

The key aspects of the custom-designed boat were:

Stability at sea. Very secure and stable seafaring qualities. Ready to handle even the toughest conditions.

Not "slither" at 5 knots.

Able to handle a Volvo Penta Diesel Six Cylinder Engine.

With their combined expertise and experience, they began building a so-called 'plug.' A 'plug' is a 1/1 scale model of the hull's shape. The materials used in the construction were a combination of wood and plastic. After many adjustments and fine-tuning, they were satisfied and ready to start building their first boat. The boat's seafaring qualities turned out to be as stable as Jan and Kent Göran had hoped. Interestingly, it's worth mentioning that the two boat builders didn't use any construction drawings when building the plug. Instead, they relied entirely on their intuition.


The result was fantastic. Word spread about the boat with its amazing seafaring qualities. It quickly became popular among divers, hunters, entrepreneurs, and especially among those who wanted an excellent party boat that could easily carry 15-20 passengers. The initial working name, Brandskär, became permanent.

To match the hull, all other materials are of very high quality and substantial dimensions. Nothing is left to chance. Rightly so, Brandskär started being colloquially referred to as the Sea's SUV or Jeep. Robust, stable, secure, fast, and surprisingly fuel-efficient.


2017 was an exciting year for Brandskär. After a period of searching for a new partner, Janne met Henric Carlsson, an Orust native and a serial entrepreneur with a passion for boats and a heart that beats for Orust.

Together, they decided to take Brandskär to the next level by developing the widely regarded perfect boat, Brandskär 290, and making it even better. They could now combine Janne's experience of building 200+ Brandskär boats with Henric's keen sense of business and product development.

The result speaks for itself with the launch of the new 290 NG in the spring of 2018. One thing is certain, just as stable as a Brandskär is at sea, equally stable and secure is the future of the shipyard, which continues to produce boats of absolute world-class quality, proving that anything is possible if you have the will.